House approves $3.6 trillion budget blueprint House approves $3.6 trillion budget blueprint... Unless they seal the border, ban import/export, ban election, oth 租屋網erwise, even 360 trillion may not enough, not mention 3.6 trillion. USA has nothing good can sale except keep 房屋買賣printing their own dollar bill, and even dollar bill, Taiwan may print better quality than USA self. There's no way you can 信用卡代償rely on spending to solve your problem. You need to ban election, because election is the most selfish shameless disgusting lawless Godless liars waste, y 商務中心ou don't ban election, you have to go to the most miserable man made hell worse than any real hells to lie. You waste your time, your energy, your money come here to b 小型辦公室uy USA land, you are dumber than USA self, because USA is jail, what a dumber you must be to buy your own jail. That how African American become dumb, too dumb to keep their good traditional 辦公室出租 will to live in no street number no one knows ownership lot free of charge from any evil doer. USA is not Japan, Japan can rely on spending to walk away, because they have USA be the back, USA cannot rely on 房地產Mainland China be the back, because Mainland China cannot even good enough to take care Taiwan that must rely on US Congress special eyes to breath, how dare you think Mainland China can be the backer to hold USA up? You all have to seal 永慶房屋 your border, because only the one willing to stay at self place like natural real animals do, can earn extreme righteous Satan to respect you enough to stand your side. In this world, you can only have freedom to do good things, and killing is one o 東森房屋f the best thing you can do, you dare take away your people's right to kill, you all must lost your freedom to do good thing, not if but when.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 台灣房屋  .
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